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What is cashmere?

March 06, 2015

What is cashmere?

Cashmere is a fiber that forms the soft undercoat of the Kashmir goat. Its name originates from Kashmir, the region in India where cashmere production and trade began. Beautiful cashmere shawls are thought to have been used by Indian and Iranian emperors in the Mongolian empire as early as the 13th century.

What makes cashmere so luxurious and expensive?

Cashmere is truly a rare and precious fibre: It takes one goat four years enough cashmere to produce one sweater. The scarcity of cashmere as well as the severe conditions in which it is harvested explain its high value.

The cashmere goat has two distinct layers of hair, the outer layer and the undercoat. The outer layer has a waterproofing effect, protecting the layer beneath, whereas the soft, ultrafine undercoat envelopes the goat in warmth to sustain it from the extreme cold conditions.

True cashmere is softer than sheep’s wool. It is fine in texture, durable, lightweight, and beautifully insulating.

Not all cashmere is created equal

The quality of cashmere depends on the region in which the goats were reared, as well as the fibre colour, length and diameter. The harsh winters in inner Mongolia in addition to the goats’ lean diets, produce a finer quality hair which is only seen in cashmere clothing of the highest quality.


Cashmere clothing makes for those treasured items in your wardrobe that will last you years and never go out of fashion.

Soft and luxurious, cashmere is perfect to keep you warm during those cooler days and looking fashionable in the spring season, in the form of elegant coats, suits, capes, knitwear and hosiery.

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