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Bringing back beanies!

November 08, 2017

Bringing back beanies!

Is there anything like that snug, warm feeling that a pure cashmere beanie gives you on an icy cold day?

Functional. Simple. Timeless. Beanies are as comfortable as they are practical – not to mention a lifesaver on bad hair days.

Essentially a knitted cap, beanies have been around for over a thousand years. In the eleventh century, they were a staple garment in England and Wales. In fact, there was even an Act of Parliament that made it mandatory for males over the age of six to wear beanies on Sundays and public holidays.

Centuries on, the style has made a comeback – as trendy accessories that can make all the difference to an outfit. Aside from keeping you warm, beanies can make a stylish fashion statement and have been adopted by celebrities from the likes of David Beckham and Rihanna to Jake Gyllenhaal.

Going skiing?

They say that you lose most of your heat through your head. A beanie hat designed to keep your head and ears warm will give you the perfect combination of toastiness, comfort, confidence and style that you need to bear the cold winter ski slopes. Needless to say, avid skiers are regular beanie-buyers at The Cashmere Choice London.


Check out some of our best-selling products below:


Moss stitch beanie

Great for the casual look, wear it with your duffle coat, your leather jacket or even just a hoodie when you’re walking to the park.


Cable knit beanie

Topped with a furry pom-pom, the cable knit beanie gracefully captures the autumn/winter feel.


The pure cashmere beanie, by Lomond Cashmere

Casual walk in the park? Running to the library? Going for a coffee with friends? Look effortlessly chic with this accessory – you don’t even have to wash your hair.


Pretty in pink: keep your head warm and the hair out of your face with a luxury pure cashmere double warmth beanie. Available in different colours – check them out here.


The Wool Cable Beanie by Bugatti

Practical and snug, the wool cable beanie is a nice touch for autumn and winter days when you’re on the go. Charcoal grey is a popular choice amongst beanie-lovers – it matches almost everything and is unisex too.


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