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Storing cashmere: Do’s and don’ts

To keep your cashmere looking pristine, storing it in the right way is essential.


  • Clean your cashmere before storage.
  • Only store your cashmere once it’s fully dry. This will prevent any mildew or mould.
  • Store your cashmere in breathable cotton anti-moth cashmere protection pouches. These are ideal for storage, since they keep moths at bay and allow the cashmere to breathe.
  • Store your cashmere away from direct sunlight to avoid its colour fading over time.
  • Periodically air your cashmere if you’re storing it for long periods of time. This is best done in in bright light, shaking the garment out to prevent any moth larvae settling.
  • To prevent wrinkles and creasing while storing your cashmere, use acid free tissue paper around folded items.


  • Hang your cashmere clothing. The weight of the item is known to pull down the fabric, making it lose its shape.
  • Use plastic bags to store your cashmere. Plastic bags obstruct air circulation, causing condensation and moisture to accumulate, which attracts bugs and moths.
  • Store your cashmere in damp or overheated rooms, garages or storage units. Why? Despite moths having two natural mating seasons, if a room’s temperature is kept above 20 degrees consistently, moths can reproduce throughout the year. Instead, store your cashmere in a cool, clean cupboard with a firmly shut door.