Total Wardrobe Care - Anti-Moth - Moth Trap Box Refill (Pack of 2)

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Anti-Moth - Moth Trap Box Refill (Pack of 2)

  • These are refills for the Anti-Moth - Moth Trap Box
  • Protect your cashmere by reducing the number of moths in your home
  • Stop the moths' breeding cycle by attracting the male moths onto the female pheromone-impregnated adhesive strip, which traps and ultimately kills them
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • Effective for 12 weeks after opening

Easy to use

  • Remove the pheromone strip from the package and it insert into the moth box
  • Place in a quiet, undisturbed place, such asåÊoutside or at the base of your wardrobe, under the bed or under a chest of drawers
  • If the moth box fills up within 1-2 weeks, it is important to clean out the entirety of your wardrobe to ensure your moth infestation is completely dealt with
  • Leave non-active trap in packaging and store in refrigerator