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Pure Cashmere Scarf Made in Scotland


Lomond Cashmere Scarves Made in Scotland | Shop now at The Cashmere Choice | London

Stay warm this winter with a fabulous cashmere scarf, woven with only ethically sourced and finest luxury cashmere fibres.

The cashmere is hand-combed from the beautiful fleece of the cashmere goats' under-belly, and is renowned for its softness, warmth and lustrous quality.

Made in one of the worlds finest British mills with a distinguished heritage and steadfast reputation for luxury and quality, going back to 1767.

These scarves are luxuriously hand-finished with years manufacturing craft know-how using natural, hand-worked teasels.

Sold exclusively by The Cashmere Choice, London.

  • Stylish colour combinations
  • Woven in Scotland
  • 100% pure cashmere
  • Finest cashmere yarn
  • Makes a timeless gift and an enjoyable accessory for your stylish wardrobe
  • Size: 165 cm x 25 cm / 65.0" x 9.8"