Best Holiday & Christmas Gifts for Women 

Best Holiday & Christmas Gifts for Women  

The holiday gift-giving season has arrived, and here at The Cashmere Choice, we take pride in having a perfect holiday gift idea for everyone on your list. Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, mother, or grandmother is challenging. Even if she has everything and wants nothing, give a luxury Christmas gift to her to show how much you care.  

Providing a wonderful and warm cashmere gift is a lovely way to let that very special person know they truly are cherished by you. The fibre is seasonally appropriate, soft to the touch, and always in style. A cashmere gift will make the perfect luxury gift and elicit delightful reactions on Christmas. 

So when it comes to giving gifts to a special woman in your life, you want to find the perfect one. To help you search for ideas, we compiled this list of the most desirable and luxurious Christmas gifts for women.  

Holiday and Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 

Explore our soft sweaters, cardigans, and accessories ready to impress in any holiday gifting situation. Our styles cover form-fitting silhouettes and generous boyfriend-style proportions. Our carefully curated gifting collection is made entirely of the finest cashmere. 

Finding the right balance of quality and price is one of the most difficult aspects of shopping for Christmas gifts, but don't worry! Our selection of gifts under £50 includes heavenly soft cashmere scarves and tartan wool blankets that will keep your loved one warm and cosy this winter. 

If you have a slightly larger budget, look through our collection of items ranging from £50-£100. We looked everywhere to make the best choice, and we discovered some fantastic options for you to consider. High-quality cashmere hats, sweaters, and socks in fashionable styles. Elegant cashmere scarves and stoles, as well as unique tartan coats, will make excellent fashion accessories for your ladies. 

If the budget doesn't really matter, and you want to choose something truly luxurious, you should check out our collection of special gifts from £100-£200. Discover products from The Cashmere Choice: sweaters, cardigans, scarves, Scottish-made cashmere, capes from Harris Tweed and flat caps from Donegall Tweed. 

Stylish Gifts 

With a stylish cashmere gift, she will look and feel great. 

Women's Cardigans 

A cardigan is a great way to show someone you care while also giving them something that won't just sit on a shelf collecting dust. Instead, they'll wear this item throughout the season and for future holiday seasons. 

Our elegant and warm cashmere cardigan is designed from the finest yarn, high-quality cashmere. Ideal for a cold day or an air-conditioned office. This cashmere cardigan is a "wardrobe essential" for any woman, whether she wants to dress up or relax. 

Women's Gloves 

Which woman would not want a pair of beautifully stylish gloves as a gift?  

Our indulgent combination of soft hair sheep leather with natural strength and elasticity, so generally acknowledged as the best leather for gloves, and the Scottish cashmere lining creates the perfect luxury gloves. They make the ideal gift because they are comfortable, practical, and warm, but be careful; once you try them, you will want to keep them yourself!  

Women's Socks 

When the winter cold sets in, everyone needs a warm pair of socks to keep their toes warm. On a chilly day, there's nothing better than a warm pair of socks. Even if it isn't currently winter where you live, having the option to reach for a brand-new pair when the first chill of winter arrives is always nice.  

Socks as gifts is a tradition that goes back to when socks were still handcrafted, and socks remain a popular Christmas gift to this day. Our cashmere socks offer the highest level of comfort and luxury. They are made from the finest yarns and have a premium quality finish. They're the perfect present this Christmas!  

Women's Sweaters

Everyone woman needs one high-end, high-quality sweater in their closet, and that sweater should be cashmere. If you have a special someone who deserves to be spoiled this Christmas, consider giving them cashmere. 

Cashmere sweaters give women the best quality and comfort, making them a wonderful gift. Our sweaters are versatile, with understated styles that flatter most body shapes and, as a result, become dynamic and timeless items in your women's wardrobe.  

Shopping Spree

A great plan always begins with a list. If you don't have time or can't bear the thought of shopping at your local stores, countless online stores are overflowing with Christmas gift ideas. Shopping in The Cashmere Choice online is safer and more convenient than ever. Here's a simple list of ideas. 

If you're looking for the ideal gift, our selection below is sure to please. The perfect accessory for every season and a wonderful gift for any occasion. 

Gifts under £50

Lambswool Scarves and Scarf Sets

Giving a scarf to a dear friend implies that you value her while giving a scarf to a loved one conveys deep affection. Our soft lambswool scarf keeps you warm this Holiday. Made 100% from Lambswool, it provides a slightly less expensive option but with many of the same benefits of cashmere. 

Lomond Lambswool Beanie Hats

Gift a fashionable piece that is both comfortable and stylish for Christmas outfits. Our luxurious collection of lambswool beanie hats. They are made in the finest mills in Britain, with a history of luxury and quality back to 1767.  

Pantherella - Ladies Cashmere Socks

Cashmere socks paired with luxury slippers on Christmas morning, what a wonderful gift from Santa! Our cashmere socks are fabulously soft, warm and comfortable. Pantherella's unique method of weaving cashmere around nylon threads ensures you get the full cashmere experience in a longer-lasting sock. 

Womens Cashmere Gloves

The feeling of wearing soft cashmere gloves is incomparable, so they are unquestionably the best gift. Keep your hands warm and comfy this winter. Our colourful cashmere gloves are made of 100% cashmere, perfect for protecting your hands and fingers against the cold and chill. 


Check more collections on The Cashmere Choice website. 


Cashmere Gifts £50 to £100 

Lomond - Long Reversible Cashmere Scarf  

Scarves are worn by women for a variety of reasons, such as for style, comfort, and, most importantly, warmth. Our scarves are made from the finest cashmere fibres and crafted from specially spun cashmere yarn. It's a classic gift and a pleasant addition to any stylish wardrobe.  

Johnstons Of Elgin - 8-Ply Cashmere Beret 

A beret is a must-have fashion accessory, whether you're leisurely cycling through the countryside, or strolling around the city in a flowy dress and a light sweater. Our cashmere berets have stylish, vibrant colours and an elegant herringbone knit pattern that showcases Johnston's fine craftsmanship which makes a timeless gift. 

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Simple but Special Gifts 

Johnstons Of Elgin - Pure Cashmere Stole 

These scarves provide soft warmth when the temperature drops by using luxurious cashmere fibres that are a pleasure to wear. Each stole is handwoven in Scotland from the finest cashmere yarn.  

Ladies Cashmere Polo Neck  

This cashmere round-neck sweater for ladies is soft to the touch and lightweight. It is made of long, pure cashmere fibres that will not pill or break as easily as shorter-fibre cashmere. Whether you want to dress up or relax, this cashmere polo neck is a "wardrobe essential" for women. 

Lomond - Cashmere Scarf - Limited Edition 

Stay warm this winter with a gorgeous cashmere scarf that is sourced ethically from only the finest luxury cashmere. These scarves are luxuriously hand-finished with years of manufacturing craft know-how and natural, hand-worked teasels. 

Check more collections on The Cashmere Choice website. 


Cashmere Protection Pouch 

Cashmere Sweater Protection Pouch - Anti-Moth Cashmere Sweater Storage Bag 

We understand how important protecting any cashmere item is for you, which is why we worked hard to design an affordable and convenient solution for storing them. It's made of breathable cotton, which is the perfect way to keep moths away from your cashmere while allowing the natural fibres to breathe. 

Perfect for gifting something unique this holiday season, shop for more products on sale at London's finest cashmere, The Cashmere Choice.