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The Cashmere Choice - Shop for London's Finest Cashmere

The Cashmere Choice is a family-run boutique, established in the heart of London in 2001. Our passion for cashmere stemmed from our love for garments with timeless beauty and elegance. We want to share our love for cashmere with the world and are committed to providing our customers with top quality clothing at great prices.

We believe in offering exceptional quality, luxury cashmere. We work with top manufacturers to provide our customers with the best fibres and hand-finished garments produced by highly skilled craftsmen.

We pride ourselves on our service and have a no quibbles return policy.
We also work with Sustainable Fibre Alliance manufacturers to promote a global ethical and sustainable standard for cashmere production, in order to preserve grasslands, ensure animal welfare and secure livelihoods.

Our wide collections are well suited for all ages, and make ideal gifts for all members of your family. From cashmere scarves and cashmere wraps, to ladies' cashmere and men's cashmere sweaters – treat yourself and your loved ones to the best quality cashmere that can be worn season after season.

We ship to customers worldwide.
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8150 3409