Our Commitment to Sustainable Cashmere

At The Cashmere Choice, we take sustainability and ethical practices seriously.  

As firm supporters of sustainable fashion, we've made it our mission to offer only high-quality cashmere and lambswool clothing that is ethical, environmentally friendly and long lasting.

We take pride in working with manufacturing partners who share our commitment to sustainable practices and are members of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA). 

Sustainable Fibre Alliance and Cashmere Choice Logos

What is the Sustainable Fibre Alliance?

The SFA provides a globally-recognised standard that helps ensure animal welfare, preserve grasslands, and secure livelihoods for those involved in the industry. 

The SFA Cashmere Standard lays out the definition of responsible cashmere production, by upholding core ethical principles, including:

  • Ensuring the welfare of their goats
  • Safeguarding biodiversity and using land responsibly
  • Preserving and enhancing fibre quality

    Our dedication to sustainability doesn't stop at the manufacturing stage.

    We design our clothing and accessories to be timeless and durable, encouraging our customers to invest in quality pieces that will last for years to come, rather than contributing to the throwaway culture of fast fashion.


    Our ethical and sustainable approach to our collections means that you can enjoy wearing high quality cashmere and lambswool with the knowledge that you are making a positive  choice for the planet.